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Anti-counterfeiting system
It can help you identify genuine GenLei Jintropin by the 12-digit serial numbers on the packet seal. If you have any questions, Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Jintropin and Lily's Humatrope use secretion technology which produces a 191 amino acid sequence growth hormone, with much less E.coli protein contamination and no side effects associated with injection, such as red painful welts.

This technology also has the advantage that growth hormone produced using secretion technology is very stable, it remains stable at 37C (98F degrees) for over 30 days (45C degrees for over a week).

While growth hormone with 192 amino acid sequence is stable at room temperature for only a few days.
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If you have been wondering where to buy jintropin, you have come to the right place. We have jintropin hgh for sale and we also have the expertise to provide you with all the information you need about this human growth hormone. Jintropin hgh is a powerful, injectable HGH manufactured by GeneScience Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a natural substance, which is released by the body's pituitary glands. As people grow older, their produced levels of HGH fall. Jintropin works as an anti-aging product by increasing those levels back to what they were when a person was young, with the associated benefits of muscle growth and weight loss.

Before you buy jintropin hgh it will help you to know a little about what it is and how it works. It was introduced in China around seven years ago and in the early stages was mainly used by body builders to increase their muscle mass because it makes the pre-determined muscle cells grow. By increasing the level of IGF-1 that is released by the liver, cell count is increased and damaged cells are restored. This has an effect on the muscles because the level of IGF-1 can be raised to the level of a pre-pubescent, facilitating the growth of new muscle cells. Many body builders use Jintropin because it also gives them a leaner silhouette, improves workout performance and reduces the time required to recover between sessions. It is a favored performance-enhancing drug because it is less likely to be detected that many other varieties. Other positive effects of Jintropin are extra energy and an improved metabolism, which can lead to weight loss even if the user is not exercising.

When it comes to injecting this HGH, the best place on the body is the inner thigh, because it absorbs the substance quickly. All it requires is squeezing a small section of thigh between your thumb and index finger and injecting in the center with the other hand. It is best to inject half the dose in the morning, just after you wake up, and the other half after your workout, before you go to bed (but not too close to bedtime, as this will gradually affect your natural production of HGH). If this is not convenient, it is fine to take the entire dose in the morning. Many people mistakenly believe that they will see results overnight, but it could take a few weeks to notice any significant changes. As everybody is different, some people will see results quicker than others will. You should expect to have to wait between two weeks and three months. It is recommended that you use jintropin for at least four months to get the best results; if you cannot commit to this, do not waste your money. You should view it as a long-term investment rather than a quick fix. HGH is not cheap, but we are confident that we can offer you a very competitive jintropin price; please contact us if you require any further information.